About Our Program

Little Roots Academy has developed a unique curriculum to enrich the education of preschool-age children from 3 to 5 years old.  We focus on three artistic areas: Music, Dance, and Art.  These are taught in an interactive manner intended to creatively challenge and inspire young learners.  Our preschool enrichment program integrates artistic expression with academic reinforcement which prepares students for a lifetime of learning and a love of the Arts. 

Our half-day program meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and follows a daily schedule which includes:  Greeting, Circle Time, Reading Readiness, Number Sense, Our World, Dancing, Singing, Playing Musical Instruments, Acting, Stage Performance, Visual Arts, and more.  Our reading readiness program fosters a love for books and a musical approach to letters and sounds. In the number sense class, students learn to match symbols and incorporate movement and counting.  “Our World” is a scientific approach to the exploration of nature, an investigation of the world’s cultures and traditions, along with Music and Art History and the science behind sound, color, pattern, and texture.

At Little Roots Academy, our philosophy is that planting these seeds early in a student’s development will enable them to harvest many fruits later in life: an appreciation of the Arts, a strong educational foundation, a thirst for knowledge, and a strong sense of self.

Our curriculum uses the arts to reinforce letters and numbers and engages students in creative and interactive learning that is exciting. At the same time, a predictable daily schedule provides children with stability and they engage in personal interaction with our warm, caring teachers. 

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