An Exciting Time

Greetings and welcome to the Blog for Little Roots Academy, the West Valley’s newest and most innovative part-time Preschool.  This is such an exciting time for everyone involved in the formation of what we think will be THE BEST place for 2-5 year olds to prepare for school and life in general.  Many of you reading this Blog may already be familiar with our sister company, Kat’s Artist Tree, but in case you are not, let me tell you a little about the journey we have taken and how that has led to our forming Little Roots Academy.

The story begins approximately 9 years ago when I first met the woman I am now lucky enough to call my wife.  At the time we were both graduate music students with blossoming performance careers.  When I first met Kat, I marveled at how much music was a part of her very person.  Unlike most of my peers who were still studying music, it seemed she had a much deeper and more natural understanding of all of its complexities.  In time I learned that this was largely thanks to the education she received in Poland where, even as a young child, the arts were woven into every aspect of her schooling – all the way back to preschool.  I also learned that her major in high school was in Dalcroze Eurhythmics a method used in these early childhood classes and that she had garnered more knowledge by the end of those high school years than most of my buddies and I had in our undergraduate careers.  Lastly, she told me about her dream to bring some of that experience to students here in the US.

Thus the basic concept for Kat’s Artist Tree and Little Roots Academy were born.  Three years ago we opened Kat’s Artist Tree, an academy that not only teaches music, but all forms of the Arts including Dance, Theatre, Art, Photography and SO much more to students of all ages.  The Tree (as I like to call it) has grown to over 300 students in those 3 years and we have had the good fortune to expand physically during that time to serve all of those students.  We are currently undergoing our second expansion and renovation which will include a new 100 seat performance venue and professional recording studio.  When the project is complete we will have more than 6000 square feet to call our home.

Thus we begin the second phase of bringing the European Arts Education experience to local students.  Little Roots Academy will utilize much of the same space as The Tree and will serve students between the ages of 3 and 5 years old in two ways.  First, students will have the benefit of a top-notch school readiness curriculum being custom developed for us.  Ms. Lauri Carmen, our Director, has also been dreaming of starting a Pre-K for quite some time and we know that the expertise she brings to our students will be second-to-none,  We are VERY fortunate to have such an amazing person in charge of our academics.  In addition, Little Roots students will have the option of taking part in a specific Arts program for youngsters being offered by The Tree (we’re calling it Little Artist Tree).  These two programs together will provide students unparalleled experiences in both Academics and the Arts.

We truly believe these programs present the most unique educational opportunity for nurturing the whole child and helping them grow the roots needed for future success in school and life.  Classes are on track to begin in August, for more information call our offices at 623-398-7266 – we would love to hear from you and answer ANY questions you may have about our programs.

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